Our Services

 Lipshutz Greenblatt LLC is a full service law firm dedicated to providing quality legal services at an affordable price. Attorneys in the Firm have represented community associations for over three decades, and the Firm has experience in all types of legal problems your association may face. If your association would like to talk about possible general representation or about specific types of legal problems or issues, we welcome your inquiry. Please call us at no obligation if you are looking for new or alternative legal counsel. 

 Assessment Collections   Associations often must resort to legal means to collect past due assessments from homeowners. An attorney can often effect collection simply through a demand letter, although sometimes it is necessary to file a lien or lawsuit.   

Document Drafting and Revision
We assist associations who find it necessary to update and revise documents to take advantage of changes in the law or the changing needs of the association.

Document Enforcement
Lipshutz Greenblatt LLC can assist the association with the enforcement of architectural standards, restrictions, rules and regulations through the use of demand letters, mediation, and the courts to enforce covenants and other restrictions.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation  
Associations often contract with various entities to have work performed. We have experience with negotiating, drafting and reviewing association contracts with various service providers, including management companies, landscapers and other contractors.

Real Estate Matters
Associations frequently have a variety of real estate matters that require legal expertise. These can include disputes with the developer over common area ownership, zoning issues related to both association property and adjacent property, and property title questions.

Unique issues arise in a community association related to property taxation and income taxation. Legal counsel can assist in reducing ad valorem and income tax bills in many cases.

Compliance with Federal and State Regulations
Your association is subject to and must comply with a number of federal and state laws, and a multitude of regulations based on those laws. Associations are cited more and more often for violations of laws ranging from the federal Fair Housing Act and the federal Communications Act to federal and state water control regulations. Lipshutz Greenblatt LLC can be invaluable in anticipating potential problems and in reducing the association’s exposure from unintended violations.

General Liability Issues
Community amenities such as swimming pools and tennis courts create the potential for liability exposure. Even a loose landscape timber can become the source of an expensive lawsuit. While insurance may cover some of the immediate costs, we can help identify potential sources of liability and can help reduce the association’s exposure to litigation and to increased insurance costs. 

Dispute Resolution on Behalf of Homeowners

Homeowners often find themselves in conflict with their association.  Using our experience representing associaitons allows Lipshutz Greenblatt LLC to provide homeowners with effective and practical advise on resolving such issues. Whether the homeowner is in conflict over unpaid asssessments, failure of the association to allow review of documents, alleged covenant violations, or concerns of suspected board mismanagement, we can provide a realistic evaluation and guide you to the best resolution possible under your facts.